Senior Product Development

Job description

With the ability to cross borders and unite global communities we foster a movement of diverse and like-minded individuals sharing their passions and celebrating their own roots and champion inclusivity. The diverse and deep-rooted diaspora culture is the bedrock of our brand, echoing in every collection - and always portrayed through the lens of the youth.

We are looking for a (Fulltime)  Senior Product Developer with the primary responsibility is to initiate, manage and drive the execution of the Design vision in the development of all products. Manages and delivers the product, within the quality, the cost, the aesthetic and within the lead times of the brand.

The Senior Product Developer will report to the Head of Production & Development. Works closely with Design on a day to day basis and throughout the process to maintain a strong and aligned vision on the product direction from beginning to end.
Collaborates with Sourcing on vendor capabilities, performance, communication, and opportunities to drive the execution of the suppliers strategy. Senior Product Developer may have management responsibilities depending on areas of focus, business needs, and organizational structureThe senior product developer also provides additional expertise, coaching, and guidance to the Junior Product Developer and Interns.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Stay up to date on the production & product development status, status of all samples and fabric booking and will make sure all deadlines are met within the calendar
  • Be on top of receiving supplier information concerning fabric prices, minimum & lead times
  • Take a pro-active role in continuously improving the product in ways of quality, fit and workmanship and responsible for decision making
  • Create size specs, style pecs and grading of all styles
  • Judge and balance superior product design/taste level and commercial viability
  • Organize and lead the fitting sessions, will judge samples on measurements, details, and workmanship
  • Notes all comments, and ensures all the fit comments are passed internally and externally to other departments, suppliers and parties involved
  • On top of all supplier communication
  • Responsible for the Suppliers performance, guiding and supporting on all technical aspects
  • Advise Design regarding technical possibilities, solutions, and limitations
  • Take decisions on production and quality issues
  • Responsible to deliver all products within the cost price indicated
  • Responsible for on time delivery of all Developments and Bulk Productions
  • Do quality checks at production locations and in the warehouse in the Netherlands when necessary
  • Ensure accuracy of internal files
  • Stay up to date with field and market developments
  • Create, update, and maintain seasonal folders and Critical Paths on the server to ensure transparency at all stages of both development and production
  • Build and maintain good business relations with suppliers
  • Need to work with multi-cultural, multi- lingual, multi-time zone business partners and counterparts.

Job requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Management or similar
  • Knowledge of garment manufacturing processes Knowledge of fabric, garment manufacturing processes, fitting, grading and patterns
  • Experience dealing with International suppliers
  • Ability to work with Excel
  • Product knowledge
  • Strong knowledge of the human body measurements