Warehouse Manager

Job description

With the ability to cross borders and unite global communities we foster a movement of diverse and like-minded individuals sharing their passions and celebrating their own roots and champion inclusivity. The diverse and deep-rooted diaspora culture is the bedrock of our brand, echoing in every collection - and always portrayed through the lens of the youth.

The Warehouse Manager is a part-time position responsible for US logistics processes of Daily Paper. This includes amongst others managing the external fulfilment center, make sure all shipments from the suppliers to the fulfillment center are arranged and everyone involved is up to date, arrange shipments to the Daily Paper flagship store and other retailers, keep in close contact with the ecom team about any problems there might are in regard to ecom-orders. The Warehouse Manageris also responsible for inventory management. Besides being responsible for the total logistics management of the Daily Paper US operations the Warehouse Manager also has to carry out some financial tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Arrange all shipments from the suppliers to the US warehouse.

  • Arrange custom clearance of all shipments, checks if all shipments are provided with the accurate paperwork and or provides accordingly

  • Collaborate with the Buyer and the store team to have all store orders in the store on time.


  • Manage the fulfilment warehouse regarding order fulfillment, returns, faulties, outbound shipments and compliance with merchandise labeling, packing and routing guidelines

  • Make sure the fulfilment center is aware of all incoming shipments

  • Ensure all deliveries are shipped in a timely manner, B2B and B2C confirm contract and service levels

  • Communicates all delivery windows, online releases, sale and or other high traffic activities with fulfilment center and or other stakeholders

  • Monitor dead stock, and make sure actions are taking to remove inactive SKU’s before being inactive for 6 months

  • Inventory management by providing detailed reports on current inventory at the warehouse

Customer service:

  • Answer incoming questions from customers via email

  • If the amount of customer questions per day increases the Warehouse Manager needs to make a plan to outsource customer service or start an internal CS team, after this plan gets approval from the HQ. The Warehouse Manager will be responsible to execute this plan.


  • Make sure all invoices are received correctly (gather post etc) and have a PO number

  • Follow up with finance department if payments are delayed

  • performing administrative tasks


  • Non-exempt employment

  • Part-time position

  • 20-30 hours a week

Job requirements

  • +2 years’ experience in a similar role

  • Great knowledge of logistics and customs

  • Experience in working with ERP systems

  • Experience with external warehouse management or fulfillment centers

  • A network of shipping companies and forwarders